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Rigger and Animator are complementary roles, the rigger is more technical, the animator is more artistic, both very needed in the market. 

Rigging consists in creating the skeletal structure and its handles, in order to animate a 3D character, a creature, an object in a realistic or “cartoon” style, depending on the project. 

Tools and knowledge required are in common for video games and movies. 

The course is aimed at training participants in the most complete and versatile way, by covering in-depth the different application fields and their related technical features. Autodesk Maya is the main software used during the course together with Unity and Unreal, the mostly used open source engines, so that participants can understand the pipeline production, from the static model to the animation implementation in engine. 

The development of the so called soft skills, such as problem solving and teamwork attitude, which are pivotal in every career, will be highly focused in the course. 

At the end of the course, participants are able to decide whether to specialize in rigging or animation. Possible careers are:: Rigger, Animator, Character TD.

Course locations

The course is held in the Rome and Milan offices


  • Modeling in Maya
  • Rigging Fundamentals
  • Animation principles
  • Humanoid Rigging 
  • Humanoid Animation
  • Implementation in Unreal Engine
  • Advanced Rigging 
  • Creature Animation
  • Rigging and Facial Animation
  • Fundamentals of programming in Python
  • Motion Capture
  • Implementation in Unity 3D


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