DRAIV is an educational game project developed thanks to the collaboration between our students of Programming year 2 and Graphics year 1.

In DRAIV, players can drive one of the 23 cars available, each one having different characteristics in terms of drivability and additional features such as shiny armours or deadly weapons. Choose your unique car and challenge your friends in funny and epic clashes in a multiplayer online game designed for up to 8 people!



  • Designing an operating multiplayer game
  • Using Unity top quality networking libraries
  • Managing lobby and players
  • Gameplay programming with ready network architecture
  • Managing physics simulations in networked environments
  • Game environment with interactive elements
  • Advanced optimization of performance


  • Post – apocalyptic environment modeling
  • Creating low-poly cars
  • Cars stylization with additional features and adjustments in a post-apocalyptic style
  • First approach to PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texturing
  • First finished workflow: bringing a model with dynamic parts from Maya to Unity by following strict restrictions


  • 23 different cars
  • Up to 8 players multiplayer
  • 1 arena for 8 players
  • Interactive environment
  • Fast and instant gameplay
  • A new, emerging gameplay thanks to an extensive use of physics simulation for the cars