Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is the first technical demo developed by students of 3D Art in their last year, to be available in retail stores. 
Check out the official website and download the PC version.


Galaxy Wars is a RTS game for PC both for single players and multiplayer (up to 8 players). The main characteristics are the rapidity of acquiring the main dynamics and the great range of strategies. During the game people can be captain of three different star groups that fight each other in a galactic scenario…
Galaxy Wars’ gameplay is based on decisions where rapidity and management of resources are the key elements of the battle. The armies has got four main characteristics: attack, defense, research and production, that vary depending on the chosen star group.


  • Online Multiplayer up to 8 people. offline “battle” with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Management system and upgrade of the characteristics of each star group
  • Strategic fighting system that includes “siege” modality
  • Possibility of facing enemies from different sides simultaneously to get more attack bonus!
  • Choice among three different star groups
  • 6 special weapons with which you can change the end of the battle
  • 15 different types of starships
  • Online rank with personal statistics
  • Original soundtrack by rock band Jesus Was Homeless
  • Hundreds of unità a schermo for epic battles