Ivana Randelshofer is UX Supervisor for Ubisoft Germany, a studio that developed many AAA multiplatform titles (such as the series  The Settlers® and Anno®) and has many collaborations with international brands (such as Assassin’s Creed, For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege). 

Driven by a great interest in user-centered design and envisioning information, Ivana strongly believes that players have the right to enjoy themselves playing without any breaks, living extraordinary game experiences with no frustrations.

For many years she has been working in companies on various games during different creation steps. Ivana supports both production and development team by providing them UX services (User eXperience) and by establishing research processes.
In Ubisoft, she also gives talks about UX and HCI for producers and managers to share with them fundamentals on usability and to enable important UX processes during all production steps.

Before arriving in Ubisoft, Ivana was a member of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (Salzburg, Austria), a research institution that studies Human Computer Interaction and Robotics.
She is currently finishing her PhD dissertation about Human-Computer Interaction and is a UX Design andInteraction Design teacher in different international universities.