Michele Di Nardo is QA Manager at 34BigThings, one of the largest independent Italian development studios, based in Turin.

Born in 1992, he began to gain experience in the field by becoming playtester during 2016 for development studies such as Milestone and EA DICE in Stockholm. After a brief experience as QA Tester for Milestone, in 2017 he was hired by 34BigThings, where he actively collaborated in the development and publication of 4 games, including Parallel and Redout, futuristic racing game, winner of the 2017 Golden Dragon Award, released on PC, PS4, XboxOne and Nintendo Switch.

Unity3D and Unreal Engine expert, capable to successfully managing multiple projects from start to finish on multiple platforms together, dealing with both internal and external remote partners, Michele has developed skills in the entire field of QA department managing.

He is currently considered a specialist in software testing processes for video game quality control, a fundamental area of ​​development. Applying his passion in the game development, he every day sees the unmatched potential that video games have as an entertainment medium, and he voraciously works  to become an integral part of that creative process.