The Academy


Accademia italiana videogiochi

Italian Academy of Videogames (AIV) was born in 2004 with the aim of creating a courses that allow students of 3D Art, Programming and Game Design to understand the real dynamics of the industry, learn productive processes and face a far competitive and harsh global market.
In ten years of activity, AIV can count tens of students working for Italian and International software houses.

Since its very beginning, AIV was aimed at reducing the huge gap between the number of users and developers in Italy. This gap is a symptom of a cultural backwardness unusual for such a creative country like Italy, and of a unhealthy integration among new types of “transmedial” entertainment and the big community of Italian videogamers, that are millions, while professional developers are just a few hundreds.

AIV received a certification of Excellence in 2005, according to the Report of Ministry of Innovation and Technology AIV got the interest of most major Italian media like Rai, Corrieredella Sera, Repubblica, Famiglia Cristiana and almost all the main specialized media.

AIV collaborates with Università La Sapienza in Roma, which joined it in the teaching of cross-media scenography at Cinemaster of Scienze della Comunicazione, and with Università di Verona.

Our Academy is the only school that collaborates with the London Games Career Fair, the most important European fair where the main industries meet candidate developers. This gives AIV a European profile, definitely unique among Italian teaching schools.