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Branching narratives are fundamental for those who are involved in storytelling in the videogame industry. There are many challenges to be faced when approaching this game design industry. With this workshop Mila Irek will provide some key strategies, developed in workink on the games Thea: The Awakening and Thea2: The Shattering.

Mila will share with the partecipants some useful secrets to face up to during the creation of multiplayer games and randomly generated worlds and characters.

During the workshop she will also illustrate tools, techniques and solutions for the development of videogames in small teams.
In the practical part, Mila will provide some free copies of Thea: The Awakening to allow participants to play the quest editor and start building stories.



  • Introduction to narrative design and branching narrative technique
  • Branching narratives in Thea (practical demonstration and talk, focus on the use of tags as prerequisites)
  • Making events in small groups (guidance and sit with each group for questions and tips)
  • Conclusions, questions and suggestions


  • Game developer
  • Producer


  • Day: November 24, 2017
  • Schedule: 17:00 – 20:00


  • Course language: English, slides in English
  • Required tools: laptop computer
  • Technical requirements: “Thea: The Awakening” installed (keys available upon request)
  • General requirements: interest in game design, basic knowledge of the game “Thea: The Awakening”
  • This workshop is reserved for students of the AIV Game Design course