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From the analysis of the concept to the ready to print file, it is a workshop focused on creating a bust using ZBrush, based on a concept of medium complexity, finalized and optimized for 3D printing through a workflow that considers all critical aspects and any constraints of a pipeline dedicated to production.



The first phase of the workshop will be dedicated to the analysis of the subject and the problems related to the type of design, the size of the 3D printing and its purpose. Setting up the sculpting job from the beginning on the basis of the constraints and the subsequent technical steps required, allows organizing a workflow that minimizes waste of time and production problems.

Session of guided sculpting

In the second step, the model will be put into practice. Different techniques will be used to create different types of shapes and details. Among the topics: blockouts in dynamesh, zremeshing to create more manageable topologies, insert meshes, extractions, organic sculpting techniques, drapery and hard surfaces. Everything will be always in line with the needs of a production for 3D print: details of dimensions compatible with the size of printing, maintenance of surfaces ready to create cuts, etc.).

Prepping and creation of the ready to print file

In the last phase the participants will first finalize the sculpt, creating mesh watertight and pin between the different parts. Finally, using the free software PREFORM, they can generate the file for printing.


  • Digital sculptor
  • 3D artist


  • Days: 1 – 2 July, 2017
  • Time schedule: from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.


  • Availability: 25 people max
  • Course language: Italian
  • Required tools: laptop or pc
  • Technical requirements: intermediate knowledge of Pixologic ZBrush and organic sculpting
  • General requirements: interest in digital sculpting and 3D printing