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The Applied Music and Sound Design for video games course focuses on providing the modern musician with the necessary tools to start his professional career in the highly competitive industry of music for videogames and visual media. Lessons are structured in 4 weekly classes that focus on different essential aspects:

  • Narrative Analysis, intended as the study of visual media content and the inception of a congruous audio accompaniment
  • Audio Production, which focuses on the realization of the students’ compositions in a Digital Audio Workstation
  • Recording, Mixing, Mastering, to add live instruments to the audio production, meant to be refined and polished during the Mixing and Mastering stages
  • Technology & Programming, which covers the essential technical aspects of audio implementation and development in an interactive environment

The 3 hours lessons sum up for a grand total of 380 hours of class time in an academic year, of which more than 130 are spent in the recording studio LOAD. This unique opportunity will allow the students to familiarize with top notch music gear and ultimately feeling comfortable in any production environment, from his own laptop to the high end professional recording stage.

During the monthly assessment the student will have the duty of efficiently communicate with professional musicians to correctly execute and record his own compositions in a studio environment. The production will be then completed via the implementation in videogames in collaboration with the students of other AIV’s courses and/or other institutions at an international level.

REQUIREMENTS: The ideal candidate already has the basis of music theory, new technologies and music software as well as at least one instrument or electronic music production.
The application requires the submission of a 3-minutes demo reel with 3 different examples of audio production for media content (Video, Videogames, Apps, etc.), a cover letter and the student’s curriculum before being admitted for interview.



  • Analysis of linear media
  • Analysis of interactive media
  • Scoring with classical and modern instruments



  • Sound design and foley
  • MIDI mock-ups in DAWs
  • Layering synths, samples and live instruments


  • Editing audio in Pro Tools
  • DI recording and Mic techniques
  • Mix/mastering in-the-box and with outboard gear



  • Basis of programming
  • Unreal Engine 4 e Unity basics
  • Wwise and FMOD implementation

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